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Try code! (yes you can)

Posted by robventer on August 23rd, 2011 at 7:56 am

I’ve been building websites for clients for years, without knowing any code. Instead I used software to design and create the websites in their entirety. Just like most of you, code was a no-go zone.

One day I was struggling with something an unmentionable piece of software was unable to do, and many people were complaining about it on the forums. Then I read a forum entry that said:

“This software does a great job of getting you 80% of the way there. If you don’t like it, stop whining and learn php.”

That day the lights came on for me. For the first time I thought it was possible. And my no-go zone became an I-can’t-wait-to-go zone. That was a while back, and every day as I dedicate some time to learning more code, I become more and more passionate about it. It has given me the control.

Believe it or not, Html and Css take no time to learn. Mastery, of course, develops over time though, and continues to improve. I soon went on to Php and WordPress theme development, both of which I’m an evangelist for today. I mean this really is where things are happening on the web. If you’re not using WordPress for any type of website, you’re missing out.

Now I need to clarify:  When I say “code” I don’t mean the heavy stuff used for programming software etc… yet! For now I’m talking about the lightweight stuff anyone can learn to gain control over their websites. These are chiefly Html, Css, Php and Javascript. From there we’ll grow and flow into the more powerful languages.

This blog is intended to encourage you to try coding. The more I learn, the more I’ll share with you. I’ll be giving away lots of free codes you can use to make things happen on your websites.

See you in the first lesson!

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