"With their patience they've taught us to manage the site from our end"



“Trycode have created a wonderful website for us, and with their patience have taught us to manage the site from our end, making it easier for us to get things done on this site . It really is a user-friendly site. Well done Trycode!” – Pam van Vuuren, VCC Secretary.

Valley Christian Church is situated in Fish Hoek Cape Town. It’s a medium sized fellowship and an anchor member of its community.

They needed a website to serve them in a variety of ways. Most importantly, they needed many members of the church to be able to login and add or change information without phoning their web developers (that’s us).

VCC maintains their own website in the following ways:

  • Sharing news
  • Writing blog posts about what they are doing the community
  • Maintaining a rolling calendar for church-goers to check on run
  • Uploading sermons every Monday for anyone to download
  • Uploading team rosters for team members to download (eg. worship band)

Checkout the site at: www.vcc.co.za

Disclaimer: Please note that since this client has the ability to update and alter their site, it may at times look jumbled if they’re in the middle of something. Clients also have a tendency to upload bad quality photos which really bring down the overall look of the site – making it a far cry from the awesome job we did originally!