Tattoo Planner

The guys at Trycode are awesome! A couple of months ago I contacted Rob with the idea for my website, I said to him that I think it’s a bit of a tough job and not sure how they’ll manage it, but here are my thoughts and ideas of what I’m wanting.

Not only did he and Jarryd embrace the challenge, but they made my dream their own. The result… well go to my website and see for yourself, Pure Awesomeness!

If you’re pondering about whether not to use Trycode, stop. If you’re wanting great service and a team that will take your ideas and make them better, you’ve found them!

Checkout the site at:

Disclaimer: Please note that since this client has the ability to update and alter their site, it may at times look jumbled if they’re in the middle of something. Clients also have a tendency to upload bad quality photos which really bring down the overall look of the site – making it a far cry from the awesome job we did originally!