"We've given them a Content Management System (CMS) so they can regularly update things themselves"

Splash Swimming

Splash Swimming

Splash Swimming is Cape Town’s top swim school.

They’ve been around for many years and needed to update their website for two reasons: To give it a ‘look and feel’ makeover and to turn it’s backend into a Content Management System (CMS) so they could regularly update things themselves.

Some of the features of their website include:

  • The ability to write about any news going on at the swim school
  • The ability to update text and photos

We also took all the photographs for the website by having our in-house photographer Rob Venter visit the swim school on gala day.

Checkout the site at: www.splashswimming.co.za

Disclaimer: Please note that since this client has the ability to update and alter their site, it may at times look jumbled if they’re in the middle of something. Clients also have a tendency to upload bad quality photos which really bring down the overall look of the site – making it a far cry from the awesome job we did originally!