"They endeavor to give you the best solution, or to find it before your deadline"

Alternative Herbs

Alternative Herbs

“It was great to work with Trycode as our web developers, because they endeavor to give you the best solution and if they don’t know how to, they make sure they find out or learn how before your deadline. I’ll definitely be back!” – Weyers Marais, Marketing Manager.

Alternative Herbs is a new company that sells medicinal products in pharmacies around South Africa. Their flagship product is 3nB, which is capsules for joint pain and arthritis.

They approached us looking for a website to advertise and explain what 3nB is, as well as to point visitors to more information about the active ingredient, which is phthalides. They also wanted 3nB customers to be able to send them a testimonial story through the website. So we designed them a very cool portal that fades out the background and allows them to submit their story.

They needed the website to appear 1st on a Google search for “3nB”, and we’re in the process of optimizing that for them.

Checkout the site at: www.alternativeherbs.co.za