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What is the best CMS?

Posted by robventer on September 1st, 2011 at 8:47 am

As mentioned in a previous article “How you can update your own website”, a CMS (Content Management System) can be installed on your website so that you can update your own website without knowing any code.

Some background info for CMSes (Content Management Systems)

All a CMS is is a lot of Php code in your website. So anyone who knows Php can use it to write a CMS for you. Some CMSes are custom-written by a developer for a client with a website, and they can cost R250,000 or R180,000, or R75,000,  (yes – for the same job. I really have no idea how these guys work out such quotes).

Now since anyone can a write a CMS in their own way, some developers have teamed up to write CMSes to share with the world, and a few of them became very popular.

What CMSes are available?

There are a few popular CMSes that are free (opensource) for anyone to download and integrate into their own website. The most used ones include WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Joomla was the first one (it used to be called Mambo) and once that was very popular WordPress came along. Drupal became popular more recently (although its inception was before Joomla and is still not well known.

Some problems with CMSes?

I’ll start by telling you some of the problems with these CMSes. Drupal has a very high learning curve and is chiefly used by experienced developers. Companies actually hire developers to run their Drupal website, which in my mind defeats the point, right?

Joomla is currently dying a medium paced death. The main reasons are that it is still quite difficult to learn to use, making changes to your website is not very quick, the coding is bulky and slows websites down, and it’s easy to spot a Joomla website (they use templates which all look similar). Joomla gained popularity by been the only real choice out there.

Now you will find many web designers who sell Joomla sites, and they will tell you Joomla is the only way. I’m afraid they haven’t yet put the effort into learning WordPress, and they are used to making their profit out of Joomla. But times have moved on, and they’re no longer doing what’s best for their customers.

The advantages of both Drupal and Joomla is simply that they are CMSes – meaning you can change your own content (if you take the time to learn how).

What is the best CMS?

Enter WordPress. WordPress was originally written for bloggers. A blog is nothing more than an often-updated website. And the guys who wrote WordPress wanted to give bloggers the ability to do this quickly and easily and often. It was build for speed. Speed in getting into the backend, speed in updating the page, and speed for those viewing the site. That means a being to-the-point and using lightweight code.

Now since speed is all the rage when it comes to internet users, Google Search decided to give WordPress priority, and you will notice a WordPress websites ranking in Google searches much faster than the other 2 main CMS platform. Who wouldn’t want that?

Pretty soon web developers of all types (not just bloggers) caught on and realised how much simpler web updates were with WordPress. Internet marketers too, will tell you that if you want to improve your Google rank, step one is rebuilt your site using WordPress.

WordPress is fast, wordpress is lightweight, and there’s nothing you can’t do with it. Granted if you download predesigned templates they all tend to look similar, but that’s just convention. If you hire a web developer, they will be able to build you a WordPress site looking anyway you want.

WordPress is much more popular

You shouldn’t believe me. Have a look at these stats:

Current CMS users:

Joomla: 55,700

Drupal: 59,600

WordPress: 50,000,000

That’s 1000 times more WordPress users. Wow! And get this:

In the US, 22% of websites are using WordPress. That is a huge number, and the rest of the world is somewhere in the teens right now.

In conclusion

If you have a website that you want to be able to update yourself, and if you want that site to be fast for viewers, easy to update, and to have a Google Search advantage, find a web developer who is skilled in WordPress development, and get them to turn your website into a WordPress website.


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