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What is a CMS?

Posted by robventer on September 21st, 2011 at 9:34 am

Content Management Systems or CMSes are the start of a  new age for websites. If you don’t yet know what this buzzword is all about, it’s time you got familiar with it.

In the past, when you wanted a website, you would find someone who knew code to build it for you, the obvious problem being that when you needed something changed on the website, only someone who knows code could make your updates.

Enter Content Management Systems. These allow you to update your website (ie manage your content) without knowing a shred of code. If you can use Microsoft Word for text and pictures, you can use a CMS (well, that’s the theory).

So how do you get a CMS? Well you do still need a web developer – someone who knows code, but you just have to tell them you need a CMS and he’ll build one for you.

Now it’s important to get the right CMS, because some of them are quite difficult to use – which defeats the point. So to make this decision it’s necessary to understand where CMSes come from. A CMS is can be created by any programmer who knows a language called Php. But some great programmers have got together to release free CMSes for the masses. The 3 most popular ones are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

I’ve written a post that explains the difference between these 3 called What is the best CMS? But in short, we recommend WordPress since it’s much faster and easier to use, and literally 1000 times more popular than the next best.

In conclusion. These days, with the help of a CMS you can do all your website updates without needing to pay a web developer. So make use of WordPress – the best CMS for fast and easy website editing.

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